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"Clean water is the source of life. Children without access to clean water are exposed to sicknesses as a result of poor water conditions and society needs to do more to provide this basic human need to enable children to grow up healthy and strong".

Clean water is the source of life

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Ferdows is an active participant in numerous charitable organisations and passionately supports the aiding of orphans and orphanages. “Children deserve the chance to have normal healthy and successful lives. Children are our future and we must help nurture their growth and provide them with a home foundation enabling them to grow up strong and confident in themselves and their future

Bezhad Ferdows

Behzad Daniel Ferdows...

Behzad Daniel Ferdows is a Switzerland based businessman, engineer and philanthropist, who uses his experience and success in the business world and utilises it in order to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged across the world.

We are committed to transforming their lives because we know that it will change the world we live in.
Throughout his 30-year career in the manufacturing and construction industry in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Behzad has used his skills as a business leader and his business network to promote and support his philanthropic activities. As Behzad is dedicated to helping raise the standard of Living for the less fortunate, he continues to support numerous organisations and has several plans to create his own charities in the very near future.

In addition to his active participation with orphanages, Mr. Ferdows is a true believer in ensuring that every single person across the world deserves Gleam water. His strong beliefs have led to him supporting several organizations that help bring clean water to many communities in developing countries.

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